Improving your Adwords campaigns

If you use Google Adwords to advertise your website then you need to ensure that you are keeping on top of your campaigns. It is easy to set up a campaign and keep pumping money in to it without really checking what sort or results you are getting. Each keyword within an ad group will […]

Boosting Traffic – Local Business & Community Groups

We’re always on the look out for new ways to boost business growth and drive traffic, and increasingly businesses are turning to social media platforms to do exactly that. By now, you’ll be familiar with targeted adverts, but these can prove expensive and don’t necessarily garner the attention you want, so today we look at […]

How to manage your day to day social media accounts

If you use social media for your business it is very important to ensure that you put posts on or are active on the sites a few times a week. People often worry about how they can increase the number of people following them to start with, as unless you have people that can see […]

SEO in basic terms

You may have heard the term SEO batted around between web developers and the like and wondered what it actually is. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. What it basically means is putting your website as high as possible in the results of a search engine such as google or bing. For example if your […]