Don’t forget to renew your domain names

The domain name is the URL you buy to build your website on. There are a number of different suffixes (also known as top level domains) such as, .com, .biz etc and each of these cost a different amount to renew. Renewal of a domain name is usually the same price as to buy […]

Should you use internal linking?

As part of your website SEO strategy you may want to consider your internal links. These are links within your website to other content on your site. People often hyperlink words within a paragraph to another section on their site which is relevant. So does internal linking actually work and can it help improve your […]

How to become a website developer

A web developer does not need to have any qualifications by law to create websites, but some companies do ask applicants to have some sort of qualifications. Many programmers are self-taught or have learnt much of the techniques by practising in their own time. As a programmer you have to constantly stay on top of […]

Redirecting old URL’s to your new site

If you have got a new website being built on a new domain name then you will need to consider what happens to all the traffic that goes to the old site once your new one has gone live. If you do not want to lose this traffic then you need to set up redirects […]

Choosing an SEO company

If you have a website and want to improve your ranking positions on the search engines such as Google or Bing then you may need the help of and SEO Company or SEO expert. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is a technique that is used to improve the presence of a website to […]