How to find a web designer

When you are ready to have a website for your business, you need to think carefully about how it is going to be designed. Sometimes you can find someone that will design and develop your website and other times you will need to use one person for the design and a different person for the […]

Grabbing those low hanging fruit keywords

When it comes to marketing, we are often limited by the amount of budget we have to spend or the time we can put into it. Smaller businesses may struggle to beat competitors in the search engine rankings lists with a smaller budget and may feel that their site just gets lost as it struggles […]

Are your Google descriptions losing you traffic?

When you create a website there are many elements that sometimes get overlooked or that are not given as much attention as they should do. If you use a content management system you may notice an area for each page that asks for Meta descriptions, Meta keywords and Meta title. Although these does not hold […]

Making landing pages for Pay per Click campaigns

If you are using Pay per click as a way of advertising your website online, then it is important to think carefully about how the campaigns are set up and in particular which landing page each ad will be linked to. All too often people set up AdWords campaigns by bulking all the phases in […]

Making your site easier to navigate round

We have all visited websites that seem a little bit disjointed. Over time websites often get added to and the flow can become disrupted, making them hard to follow. Have a look at your website and try to follow through a few different processes that a visitor may do. If you use Google Analytics you […]