Does your website contain broken links?

Over time it is very easy for your website to develop a number of broken links. These may of occurred because of pages or products that have since been removed from the site but that are still linked to from other sites (external links) or other pages within your own site (internal links) these links […]

Adding the right content to your website

With any website, content is very important. It not only acts as a sales pitch for your viewers but also can help get you up higher on the search engine rankings on sites such as Google and Bing. What you write on your website can influence a buying in to making the decision as to […]

Setting up your own website for your new business

It is becoming essential for any successful business to have a web presence which can be through a website or by using social media platforms. Effective marketing is a crucial part of any business but the cost of paying a professional web designer is out of many start-up businesses reach leading some to decide to […]

How Google Adwords can work for your business

Online marketing is made up of a number of different elements. Some of these marketing techniques will work well for a number of businesses and not so well for others, so it is important that your marketing plan is designed with your particular business in mind. Google Adwords is a form of online marketing also […]

What is mobile marketing

When it comes to marketing, it is vast. Even online marketing has a number of different avenues you can explore. One of these marketing avenues is mobile marketing. Mobile marketing consists creating ads that appear on mobile smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. The way your ad looks and functions on a mobile device can […]