Duplicate content – don’t fall into the trap when marketing

Online marketing is essential if you want your website to perform well. There are several different ways in which you can do online marketing such as SEO, Pay per Click, Social Media marketing and link building. SEO can help push any website up the rankings on the search engines such as Google and there are […]

Google Adwords marketing techniques and tips

Google offer the biggest pay per click programme out there. It is a form of online advertising where you get charged each time an ad you create is clicked on – that ad links back to your website. The beauty of Pay per Click advertising is you can get instant traffic to your site without […]

Ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website

Many of us now use mobile phones or mobile devices such as tablets to browser the internet, shop online, do our banking and go on social media sites such as Facebook. But amazingly some sites are still just not that mobile friendly. There are a few options when it comes to designing a mobile friendly […]

Time-sensitive marketing

Some businesses have products that need to be promoted during certain times of the year in order to raise awareness and boost sales during their busy period. For example, if your business sells products or services that are used during summer then you will need to start marketing these in spring as the weather starts […]

Can social media be more than just social?

When you think of social media the immediate thought that springs to mind is of catching up with friends sharing embarrassing snaps and watching funny videos. However social media can be much more than that and is currently being used by many companies as a truly valuable tool. The first thing to do is to […]