Building Up Links To Your Page

Things you can do to help build up links to your page:

1st – Purchase / create links on relevant sites to yours

Links on relevant sites can be a very sueful tool, racking up clicks quite quickly, links on irrelevant sites will be of some use but if you were looking at a website for supercars would you click a link for ponies? I think not. However, if you are on a website for supercars and saw a link for stereos you are much more likely to click it as they can be considered to be in similar categories.

2nd – Primary use of keywords to the anchor text of your links

The anchor text, also known as link text, is the text used in the link to your site. This text should be one of your primary keywords for the page you link too. For example, if you link to your site about chocolates you want the link text to be optimized for the keyword “chocolate”, you want to use this keyword in links to this page. Search engines look at the link text of your incoming links to determine what your site is about. Optimization of anchor text in your links can have a huge effect on your ranking.

3rd – Leave your links up!

It can take weeks for search engines to see the new links you acquire. It might also take months before these links improve your rankings. It takes the search engines a good amount of time to find and recalculate all the web pages and links on the Internet. Ranking changes can happen every day, but they are usually caused by changes made a few months ago. You must plan and budget, to keep your relationship for at least 90 days. Any less time, would not be sufficient to accurately measure return on investment.

Furthermore, one of the newest additions to Google’s algorithm determines the age of the link. To combat manipulation of its link system builders, age is playing a major role in determining the value of a link. Therefore, keep your links as long as possible.

4th – Follow your results with Keyword Rank Tracking Software

It is very important to follow the results of your link buying efforts. By following your keyword ranking to see exactly how your links are helping. Bare in mind that you will not see a very significant increase in traffic until your keywords reach the top 10.

Don’t give up! It is surprising how many people, dont realise their improvements in keyword rankings and give up at the last moment. If you carry on and see it through, you can end up with your page in the top 10. Just make sure you regularly keep track to make sure you are still making those baby steps to a higher ranking.