Facebook Retargeting

A form of remarketing, Facebook Exchange (FBX) allows a business to present visitors with another reminder of what they can purchase at their store, after they visited their site and didn’t purchase anything.

FBX is increasingly popularly for different reasons. One of which is because it presents businesses with a huge active user base. In 2011 it was recorder that there were over 650 million active Facebook users.

Another advantage it brings is with its advertisement placement, Business can have ads placed on a previous visitors Facebook page, ads can appear in their right hand panel or even their Facebook news feed, meaning it is likely to be found in the first five minutes or the first hour of an individual logging in to Facebook, or opening up their mobile app.

For any business who wants to turn visitors into customers, FBX should surely be considered, not just for its user base, but for the fantastic marketing opportunity it presents.