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Should you use internal linking?

As part of your website SEO strategy you may want to consider your internal links. These are links within your website to other content on your site. People often hyperlink words within a paragraph to another section on their site which is relevant. So does internal linking actually work and can it help improve your […]

Checking the quality of your links

Some companies build up links to their website to improve the search engine optimisation and to improve the visibility of the site on the search engines. These links should be built up organically according to the search engine giants Google, as paying for links to your site is not seen as good practice and can […]

Link building evolution

Google strongly advises that all links to your site should be natural and not paid for if they are to have any weight in terms of the search engine optimisation of your website. Links can help towards this as they essentially count as a vote for your website and the search engines like to promote […]

What is Link popularity or back linking?

Link Popularity Link popularity or back linking is one of the most important factors of the internet business. Using White hat strategy your link popularity will help you establish your authority over the internet and is a popular strategy by the marketers for the successful establishment of an online business. To access the future prospective […]

Link Popularity Analysis

You’ve spent the last few months optimizing your site. Your keywords are placed in all the right places on your pages, but the ranking of your site is not improving as fast as you initially hoped. What do you do? Now is the time to work on link popularity! Why bother with link popularity? Link […]