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Duplicate content – don’t fall into the trap when marketing

Online marketing is essential if you want your website to perform well. There are several different ways in which you can do online marketing such as SEO, Pay per Click, Social Media marketing and link building. SEO can help push any website up the rankings on the search engines such as Google and there are […]

Time-sensitive marketing

Some businesses have products that need to be promoted during certain times of the year in order to raise awareness and boost sales during their busy period. For example, if your business sells products or services that are used during summer then you will need to start marketing these in spring as the weather starts […]

Analysing the return on your investment in marketing

Marketing is all about promoting your business and is often essential to businesses that want to generate more sales and/or enquiries. There are a number of marketing avenues that you can opt to try and often these are usually split into categories. The main two types of marketing are online and offline. With many of […]

Beginners guide to SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and if you have a website it is important that you understand what it means and how it all works. Some business owners decide to outsource all of their marketing but if budgets are tight then you may want to do at least some of it yourself. First, let’s […]

Generating new leads

When your website has been up and running for a while things can go a little stale with leads dwindling particularly if you haven’t had any ongoing maintenance work done on your website. The best way to start generating more leads again and increase productivity of your website can be to invest in some SEO, […]