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Tips for designing a user friendly website

It is vital that your website is user friendly and appeals to your target audience. What makes a good website? This is often a matter of opinion but there are some certain rules that you should follow or mistakes to avoid if you want your site to appeal to a larger number of people. Try […]

How to decide who to use for your online marketing?

It is important that you choose the right company to assist or manage your online marketing. You may be tempted to do it all yourself but often unless you have the specific skills and knowledge and also the time, this doesn’t usually work out well. There is no point in paying for a good website […]

Does your website contain broken links?

Over time it is very easy for your website to develop a number of broken links. These may of occurred because of pages or products that have since been removed from the site but that are still linked to from other sites (external links) or other pages within your own site (internal links) these links […]

Ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website

Many of us now use mobile phones or mobile devices such as tablets to browser the internet, shop online, do our banking and go on social media sites such as Facebook. But amazingly some sites are still just not that mobile friendly. There are a few options when it comes to designing a mobile friendly […]