What is the number one form of online marketing?

Often people will ask a marketing expert, what is the number one way to market a business. They may expect a one- or two-word answer but unfortunately, it is not always as simple as that. Some forms of marketing work better for some businesses than others so it must be a tailored approach. For example, for a business that doesn’t have a website and deals directly with the local public, social media marketing can be very effective. It allows them to target specific groups of people and advertise their products or services. Facebook allows communities to set up groups that you can join and as long as the group rules permit, you can then market your business this way. You can also ppt for paid for marketing through social media or through Google Adwords or other PPC services. This is great if you want to get traffic to your website instantly without having to wait for pages to be indexed etc. If you are launching a new product or service or have a limited time deal on then you may want to use paid for marketing to ensure that you don’t miss out. SEO is a very cost effective way of marketing and should be done on all websites, it can take time however to build up so you will have to be patient.