Are your Facebook ads working correctly?

Setting up Facebook advertising can be very confusing for someone who has never done it before. It has changed quite substantially over the years, which does mean that new and improved features have been added but also that it is now more complex when it comes to setting it up. If you don’t have experience […]

Does link building work?

Link building is a marketing technique that has been used for quite some time. Historically, a website could get links on any other site and this would help to push them up the rankings but this is no longer the case. Links do still help with your rankings but they are no scrutinised more and […]

Why marketing is so important

All businesses should do at least one form of marketing to help grow their business and improve their return on investment. Although some companies say that they don’t need to do any marketing, they probably already are without even being aware of it. If they have a website, social media pages or attend local events […]

What is the number one form of online marketing?

Often people will ask a marketing expert, what is the number one way to market a business. They may expect a one- or two-word answer but unfortunately, it is not always as simple as that. Some forms of marketing work better for some businesses than others so it must be a tailored approach. For example, […]

Tips for designing a user friendly website

It is vital that your website is user friendly and appeals to your target audience. What makes a good website? This is often a matter of opinion but there are some certain rules that you should follow or mistakes to avoid if you want your site to appeal to a larger number of people. Try […]