Google Adwords marketing techniques and tips

Google offer the biggest pay per click programme out there. It is a form of online advertising where you get charged each time an ad you create is clicked on – that ad links back to your website. The beauty of Pay per Click advertising is you can get instant traffic to your site without having to wait for Google to index it. This can be vital if you have a product launch or have a limited time deal on that you want to promote.

Google unusually shows three to five ads above the map / organic listings and then more ads at the bottom of the page.

The way you set up Google Adwords is very important. You first need to work out what your budget is. This is often a daily or monthly budget. You then need to work out which keywords and phrases you want to market. If your budget is relatively small then you will most likely want to concentrate on only targeting a few phrases as if you spread your budget too thinly you may end up with very poor results. If you only provide services to a local area then you also need to restrict the locations your ad is showing in so that you don’t waste your budget on clicks from customers you cannot sell to.