Location based PPC

Pay per Click or PPC is where you create an advert online and when the ad is clicked on you are charged an amount for the click. The user will then be taken to a page within your website. A number of companies offer Pay per Click services such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

Pay per Click can be a great way of getting instant traffic to your website and if done correctly can easily pay for itself quite quickly. There are numerous settings within the PPC campaigns which differ dependant on which company you chose to advertise with.

Google Adwords is the largest PPC package and offers a great location based ad setting. When you have created an ad group you can then select what areas to show the ad too. It may be that you want to select specific towns or cities or only show it to people searching within a 50 mile radius of your offices. You can set up multiple areas and can create specific ad groups for each area to make the ad as relevant as possible.