Making landing pages for Pay per Click campaigns

If you are using Pay per click as a way of advertising your website online, then it is important to think carefully about how the campaigns are set up and in particular which landing page each ad will be linked to. All too often people set up AdWords campaigns by bulking all the phases in to one ad group with one or two adverts but if you are targeting different phases then it is best to create smaller more specific groups so you can then tailor the landing page and wording in the ads to suit.

The landing page needs to be highly relevant to the search phase for what someone typed in. It is often not always the best practise to link all ads straight to a home page if there is a sub page that would be more relevant. If for example you are advertising a particular product then this should be reflected in the ad and when clicked, the visitor should be taken to the product page. If they are taken to a generic page then they may not have the time to go through the site searching for the product they want and will often just leave.