Investigating a drop in rankings

Many companies that have a website constantly check their rankings and placement on the search engines to see if they are able to compete for their main keywords. Research shows that not many people click beyond the first page and getting in to the top 3 is the ideal position to get the most visits to your site.

If you find that your website rankings have dropped significantly then you need to investigate to see why this has happened. There is always a reason for a sudden drop in rankings but finding out why can be tricky and often you need to go back to basics. Firstly ensure that you have some sort of visitors stats package linked to your site. If you notice a drop then check to see if you have also experienced a drop in rankings. Check all your pages to ensure that they are working and loading correctly and that you are not stopping the search engines from indexing them. Then check to see if Google has done a recent update to its algorithm, it may be that your site has been penalised because of a technique that you have been using such as link building.