Analysing the return on your investment in marketing

Marketing is all about promoting your business and is often essential to businesses that want to generate more sales and/or enquiries. There are a number of marketing avenues that you can opt to try and often these are usually split into categories. The main two types of marketing are online and offline.

With many of us using the internet to find a product or service we need, it makes sense to invest in online marketing. Online marketing has helped turn businesses around and make hem profitable when previously they were struggle to stay afloat. When making any investment you need to consider what it will bring to the business and establish your return on investment. The same goes with online marketing. With some elements of online marketing the results are instant such as through Google Adwords, where as soon as you set it live you can be generating leads and clicks through to your website. With other aspects it may take a number of weeks or months to see how effective it is such as with SEO (search engine optimisation).

Stats packages such as Google Anlaytics will allow you to track where your visitors are finding you and which sites are referring to yours. This will allow you to see if it is worth continuing with a particular type of marketing.