Are you struggling to get fresh content on to your site?

It is important to ensure that you get fresh and relevant content on to your site on a regular basis. When a website is built, often it gets left for months as the business owners believe they have everything on there that they need but doing this can risk the positioning of the site on the search engines such as Google.

Google and the other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, like to see that a website is up to date and offering their customers relevant and recent information. If a site has not changed in months then they may feel like they are not giving people much reason to return. They then mark them down so the site slips further down the rankings for certain keywords or phrases.

IF you are do not often have new products or services that you can add to the site then you need to get additional content on the site another way. You may want to add a news section where you can detail news about your business or even industry news. If you do not have much news to share then creating a blog is a very popular way of boosting your content.