Beginners guide to SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and if you have a website it is important that you understand what it means and how it all works. Some business owners decide to outsource all of their marketing but if budgets are tight then you may want to do at least some of it yourself.
First, let’s find out what SEO actually is. SEO is a process of improving positions in organic (non-paid) search results in search engines such as Google or Bing. The higher you rank for certain phases on the search engines the more traffic you are likely to get. Your website needs to have high-quality well-optimised content tailored to the needs of your audience. Make sure your content is good enough to be linked by other websites.
SEO is a very complex process and involved many different branches. As well as highly optimised content you need to ensure that the site has backlinks and technical things such a fast loading site and no canonical issues.
SEO can be split in to on page and off-page. On page includes things such as meta data, content, URL structures and heading tags. Off-page is link building, content sharing and social media influence.
A site needs a mixture off all of these different things to help push it up the search engines.