Why a good foundation website is vital for SEO

SEO is very important in terms of building up your site and getting it found on the search engines. SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, can be very complex and if done incorrectly can actually cause more harm than good. This is why is it is better to leave it up to the experts. You may be able to help out with you SEO by providing content that is relevant but you should be very wary about trying to take it on yourself without the experience and knowledge.

It is vital that your website had a good foundation of SEO. That means the SEO basics as already done on each page – such as meta data, H1, H2 and H3 titles are used correctly, internal links are set up etc. Once you have them you can then start to expand it. You will often find sites that have a good strong SEO foundation will get ranked quicker for new content and phrases. This can be vitally important when it comes to launching a new product or service, which you always to get found quickly. Using a marketing agency can really help ramp up your SEO and website sales or enquiries.