Are your Google descriptions losing you traffic?

When you create a website there are many elements that sometimes get overlooked or that are not given as much attention as they should do. If you use a content management system you may notice an area for each page that asks for Meta descriptions, Meta keywords and Meta title. Although these does not hold as much weight as they used to, they are still very important in Search Engine Optimisation and theming your page for the search engines.
The Meta description is often what is shown on the Google search results page. This sentence is what visitors will be able to read before they decide whether to click on your link or not. It is important that this content is taken from the page and reflects the information on the page accurately. For example, if it is an individual product page you may want to take a sentence from the product description. Above the description you have the Meta title, the title will show above the description and should include the main keywords from the page. If you do not provide this information the Google will chose its own title and description to show which may not be the best it could be.