Attracting visitors to your site through social media

If you have a website and want to build up the traffic to it you may consider using social media. One of the many advantages of social media is that it is free but if you want to get the most out of Facebook for example then you will need to pay for an ad.

You can set your own budget and geographical reach and also narrow the ad group down to only show to people in a certain band such as women between 22-35.

When using social media to build up traffic to your site, you need to give people a reason to click on a link that is directed through to a page on your main website. This may be a competition where people have to complete their details on your site or you can give someone a few lines of an article and allow them to read the rest of it on your site.

Use an analytics program to check how many referrals you are getting from the social media sites and what visitors are doing once they get there. This will help you see how you can build up even more traffic and see if there is a problem with any of the pages on your website.