Boosting Traffic – Local Business & Community Groups

We’re always on the look out for new ways to boost business growth and drive traffic, and increasingly businesses are turning to social media platforms to do exactly that. By now, you’ll be familiar with targeted adverts, but these can prove expensive and don’t necessarily garner the attention you want, so today we look at Local Business & Community Groups.

Have a quick search around Facebook, and chances are you’ll find a number of groups covering both local business and community, and both can provide an excellent means to boost your customer reach.

As well as allowing you to advertise your services, you can also engage directly with your customers, promote offers, and build a buzz around your business; you’ll often find your customers chip in and do your promotion for you, so it’s surprisingly effective. Even I – someone who ignores virtually all conventional advertising – have invited people to quote based on their activity within local community groups.

There are, however, a couple of rules to follow. Bear in mind that you are representing your business, so keep yourself professional and kind. You may well interact on other local subjects about which you are extremely passionate, but allowing yourself to get sucked into arguments or being rude to people will cost you business.