Ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website

Many of us now use mobile phones or mobile devices such as tablets to browser the internet, shop online, do our banking and go on social media sites such as Facebook. But amazingly some sites are still just not that mobile friendly.

There are a few options when it comes to designing a mobile friendly website and you may want to talk to your web developer about which one would suit you best.

Firstly you can create an app version of your site that is available from places such as the Android App store, Google Play store and Apple store. This can be quite expensive, especially if you require in-depth functionality but can be the most user friendly for your visitors.

Second option is to create a specific mobile version of your site. This usually sites on a prefix of your site. This will often be a cheaper option than creating an app but will mean that visitors still have to go through a browser to get to your site. Mobile versions of websites often only shows the visitor the most popular sections of the site (which is easily accessible) with the option to view the full site if required.

The final option is to program your current website so it works on mobile devices, by making changes to the structure to allow the content/images to resize depending on the device screen size.