Tips for designing a user friendly website

It is vital that your website is user friendly and appeals to your target audience. What makes a good website? This is often a matter of opinion but there are some certain rules that you should follow or mistakes to avoid if you want your site to appeal to a larger number of people.

  1. Try to avoid too many moving elements. Having some subtle movement is great and can make the site look more modern but too many moving parts can be confusing to visitors.
  2. Make sure that your main navigation is in the same order and in the same place throughout your site. This continuity is vital as it allow people to easily navigate through the different areas of your site with ease.
  3. If you allow your customer to contact you by phone, then make your phone number prominent and easy to find. Some people will not wan to buy through your site and instead would prefer to pick up the phone and speak to someone.
  4. Make sure your checkout process if simple and quick. Some people will not have much time when they come to make a purchase so try and keep the checkout process as easy as possible. Give them the option of creating an account but also checking out as a guest if they want to.