Grabbing those low hanging fruit keywords

When it comes to marketing, we are often limited by the amount of budget we have to spend or the time we can put into it. Smaller businesses may struggle to beat competitors in the search engine rankings lists with a smaller budget and may feel that their site just gets lost as it struggles to appear on the first page or so.
If you own a business and simply cannot compete on the generic phrases that get a lot of traffic due to your competitors, then it may be time to change tact. Low hanging fruits are keywords or phrases that are not searched for as often but often end up in high conversion rates as they are quite specific. There are a number of different software packages that can help you identify these types of keywords or phrases. Once you have a list, go through and check where you currently rank for each of them. You can then start to ensure that you have content on your website (possibly a page for each one) that is highly relevant and up to date. These pages will be indexed by the search engines and you may find that you can easily achieve a number 1, 2 or 3 listing just from this small amount of work.