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How Google Adwords can work for your business

Online marketing is made up of a number of different elements. Some of these marketing techniques will work well for a number of businesses and not so well for others, so it is important that your marketing plan is designed with your particular business in mind. Google Adwords is a form of online marketing also […]

Google Adwords marketing techniques and tips

Google offer the biggest pay per click programme out there. It is a form of online advertising where you get charged each time an ad you create is clicked on – that ad links back to your website. The beauty of Pay per Click advertising is you can get instant traffic to your site without […]

Making landing pages for Pay per Click campaigns

If you are using Pay per click as a way of advertising your website online, then it is important to think carefully about how the campaigns are set up and in particular which landing page each ad will be linked to. All too often people set up AdWords campaigns by bulking all the phases in […]

Improving your Adwords campaigns

If you use Google Adwords to advertise your website then you need to ensure that you are keeping on top of your campaigns. It is easy to set up a campaign and keep pumping money in to it without really checking what sort or results you are getting. Each keyword within an ad group will […]

Giving Google too much control

If you use Google to advertise your website in terms of Pay per Click then you need to ensure that your campaigns and ad groups are set up correctly to make sure you are getting the most out of your money. As it is relatively easy to set up a PPC campaign, many people do […]