Are you spamming your website with duplicate content?

If you know a little bit about web marketing and SEO (search Engine Optimisation) then you may be keen on adding lots of content to your website. Fresh content is vital in order to get your website ranked on the search engines and to further improve its rankings, but it does need to be done in a specific way. Too little content about a subject means it will struggle to get noticed but too much can have the opposite effect you want it too. If you write too much content about the same topic you may find that your website gets penalised for it or that Google simply only ranks one page and ignores the other.

Each page you add to your site should be unique content and should add value. There is no point in saying the same thing across three different pages – even if you have said it in a slightly different way. Before writing new content – think if you already have an existing page that you could add to or update. If you do not have content about that subject on your page, then you may wish to create a new one. You can also link pages that are lower down the hierarchy to a main page to help show Google which pages is the most important to rank.