How to find a web designer

When you are ready to have a website for your business, you need to think carefully about how it is going to be designed. Sometimes you can find someone that will design and develop your website and other times you will need to use one person for the design and a different person for the actually programming.  Web designers vary in price, some charge £30 per hour whilst an agency may charge upwards of £60 per hour.

If you use a web designer from overseas then you may find they charge quite a bit less than a local person or agency but you may then have the difficulty with working with them as the different time zones or language barrier may cause issues with communication.  This may make it harder to portray exactly what you want and get answers to your questions quickly, which can cause delays and added costs.

The advantages of using a web agency is that they often having everyone in-house so you can sit down with the developer and designer at the same time to ensure that everyone fully understands what needs to be done. A good designer will also be able to make recommendations to you as to what they think works well.